Banana Yogurt Shake

Banana Yogurt Shake
Main Ingredients
  • Banana 1 stick
  • 1 cup of yogurt

Step 1 of banana yogurt smoothie1.Prepare a fat banana and a cup of plain yogurt

Step 2 of Banana Yogurt Smoothie2.Peel the banana Slicing

Step 3 of Banana Yogurt Smoothie3.Put the banana into the blender cup of the wall breaker and pour in the yogurt

Banana Yogurt Shake Step 44.Fix the blender cup body on the base and cover the lid, select the ACA wall breaker vegetable and fruit mode, and press the switch key to start

Step 5 of Banana Yogurt Shake5.Start to whip into a fine milkshake

Step 6 of Banana Milkshake6.Sweet and sour banana milkshake That's good, children like it very much.

Banana is a common fruit in our life.It is also very rich in nutrients.It can treat high blood pressure, improve immunity, promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and also treat constipation.Bananas are easy to oxidize, so Stir well and drink it as soon as possible

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