Baby's Dinner - Japanese Seafood Meatball Ramen

Baby's Dinner - Japanese Seafood Meatball Ramen
Main ingredients
  • a pack of Japanese ramen
  • a few seafood balls
  • a handful of bean sprouts
  • A small kelp
  • A moderate amount of corn kernels
  • A small amount of chicken powder
  • A small amount of salt

Baby's Dinner-Day Step 11.I only took the noodles and small kelp to prepare the ingredients here

Baby's Dinner-Step 2 of Japanese Seafood Meatball Ramen2.There are also beef balls, pork balls, etc.that are usually used in seafood.They are not the same It's from China???? In particular, the common Japanese ramen is the famous rolls and crab sticks, which can be found in Aeon or larger supermarkets, but you can use them several times unless you really like to eat them.Download them all at once, of course you don’t need to find them if you can’t find them

Baby Dinner-Japanese Seafood Meatball Ramen Step 33.For today's dish, I use bean sprouts.Put green vegetables next to them, and you will feel weird.The bean sprouts will not look like the picture.Cook them first.Boil water, add some salt and chicken powder, blanch the bean sprouts and put them under the plate

Baby's Dinner-Step 4 of Japanese Seafood Meatball Ramen4.Cook the noodles directly and put them on top of the bean sprouts

Baby's dinner-JapaneseStep 55.Pour out the water and re-boil a small pot of boiling water, boil the small balls and cook until the balls float, put the soaked and washed small kelp into the pot When the water is opened again, pour all the famous crab rolls and corn kernels into the pot, then open the seasoning packet prepared with the ramen and pour in the water.After the water is boiled again, you can pick it up and put it on top of the noodles, and then prepare the ramen noodles.The oil buns can be smashed and sprinkled on the noodles.

The crab sticks and famous rolls are cooked for too long and they will be soft and unsightly.It’s alright.The options for the meatballs are whatever you like.There are not many rules.You can boil a boiled egg and cut it and put it on both sides.You can also boil a hot spring egg and put it on it.Liver likes fried pork chop ramen.

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