Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea
? Dandelion is known as a natural anti-inflammatory medicine plant penicillin? The dictionary and other medical monographs of the past dynasties have given high praise to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of dandelion, which is used to treat sores, meningitis, flu, hepatobiliary diseases, and I have personal experience. It caused my bronchitis to flare up again, itchy chest, cough, sore throat, and my mother-in-law immediately went to dig up a few dandelions and gave me a drink of water for a day, and the symptoms were relieved. To treat sore throat, fresh grass or hay decoction can be used to treat diseases such as induration and common warts caused by paronychia injection. My mother-in-law grows a lot of dandelions every year. After harvesting, wash, dry, cut into small pieces, and store them in an airtight seal once the family needs them. Drink it anywhere? Fresh dandelion only needs to be brewed in boiling water. Dried can also be brewed, but I like to boil it and drink the active ingredients more easily. Although dandelion is good, it is cold in nature and suitable for people with internal heat. If you are yang deficient Cold is not suitable? In addition, people with allergies should use it with caution?

The practice of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea step 11.It is best to remove the outer skin on the root of fresh dandelion? You can also soak it with light salt water for a few minutes to remove the possible eggs?

Recipe step 2 of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea2.Cut into small pieces so that they can be put into cups?

Step 3 of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea3.Put the dandelion segment in a teacup and boil a pot of boiling water Bubble?

Recipe step 4 of anti-inflammatory and analgesic dandelion tea4.The clear and green color is so pleasing to the eye? But the taste is a bit bitter and unaccustomed to this taste, you can add rock sugar or honey to taste? Rock sugar and honey are dandelion A good partner for dandelion??

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea Step 55.Let me share with you how to do dried dandelion? The amount of water in the health pot can be filled to the upper limit.The amount in the material table of dried dandelion is a little more or less than the gross estimate.It doesn't matter? The boiling water program and the flower tea program Are they all ok?

The practice steps of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea 66.The boiled tea can be poured into the tea cup and can also be added with rock sugar or honey? Season the health pot to keep it warm and keep it warm and cook again and again? It doesn't matter.Is the effect still better??

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving dandelion tea Step 77.Post a circle of friends to let more people know the benefits of dandelion

1 If you have a cold stomach, loose stools, loose tongue, pale tongue, and white fur, don't drink it.2 Allergies Use with caution 3 Do not use it as a health tea to drink it when you have something to drink

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